Morgancoat is a BBBEE Certified, South-African owned and managed business, manufacturing self-adhesive label-stock.

Raw Materials

Our high quality raw materials (paper/film/adhesive) are sourced globally


Morgancoat manufactures pressure-sensitive label material through a coating and laminating process


Our client base have high quality label printing equipment to print and die-cut our material into smaller rolls

End User

Converted rolls of labels are supplied to the brand owner/end-users for product application

About Us

Morgancoat is a South-African owned and managed business, manufacturing self-adhesive label-stock.

We pride ourselves on our quality and service, and be it a barcode label, a full colour product label or even a scale label, there's a good chance that the labels you see every day started life in our factory.

Our efficient state-of-the-art smart factory in Durban has multiple converting lines and we have ample capacity to supply a large portion of the Southern African market. We purchase and convert only the best quality raw materials from international flagship mills and our well-rounded sales and management team have a wide range of technical experience and ability.

Staff welfare and care forms a large part of our operating mantra, and our 50 plus staff complement is provided with well balanced meals throughout the day from our fully equipped onsite restaurant and top notch entertainment facilities.

A functional gym on the premises completes this circle, and is available to all staff to ensure that they remain fit and healthy.

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Active Customers in South Africa

Product Lines

MWh Solar Generated/Month

Ton Co2 Reduction/Month

Morgancoat Express - On Demand Delivery

Need stock right now? Our on demand delivery service is now available in selected areas. Order your stock directly from our online Express portal and receive your stock within 4-6 hours. We carry a variety of common sizes.

Need a specific labelstock or size available on demand? Let us know and we'll make sure its available 24/7.

  • Currently Available in Cape Town and surrounding areas.
  • Same day deliveries of pre-made label stock.
  • Live online catalogue of currently available stock.
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Our Partners - SummerPlace

As part of the company's future growth strategy, in July 2022 we joined forces with SummerPlace Equity Partners.

SummerPlace is a women-owned and managed private equity fund anchored by the SA SME Fund, whose shareholders comprise some of South Africa's major listed companies, including but not limited to: Woolworths, Spar, SAPPI, Bidvest, RCL Foods, Nandos, Mr Price Group and Distell.

Headed by Modula Mofolo and Barbara Grantham, SummerPlace was established in 2018 to invest in medium-sized South African businesses in various sectors, that are led by experienced entrepreneurial management teams and exhibit strong growth potential and sustainable employment creation.

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Sustainability is always at the forefront of our decisions, and we remain committed to supporting industry as these European trends filter into our industry.

We are playing our part and we have a number of projects on the go.

  • FSC®- Sustainable and responsible forestry

    We are a proud member and certified FSC® certificate holder, ensuring the chain-of-custody of all paper products that are imported and that are sustainably forested, allowing for the consumer to purchase packaging that is responsibly sourced.

  • EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility)

    Morgancoat is a registered member of EWASA, an industry PRO for packaging. EWASA is responsible for managing and driving recycling initiatives for all materials in the packaging supply chain. We also remain involved in a number of exciting projects to support these initiatives and divert material away from landfill. Our MD, Marc Black happens to be on the board of Directors of EWASA.

  • Carbon Footprint Reduction

    We are currently working on a long-term project with a view to considerably reducing our waste-to-landfill and our carbon footprint.

    As it stands, Morgancoat has a grid-tied solar array which currently contributes almost 50% of our energy needs, and we harvest our water where possible.

    From a product development perspective,we have developed and are constantly working on fit-for-purpose products that support the drive towards being carbon neutral.

    Our current portfolio offers the possibility of self-adhesive label products that provide up to a 15% yield benefit, and thus reduce the carbon footprint accordingly, allowing more labels per roll, more rolls per box, more boxes per load.etc..

Replacement of Paper/Plastic packaging

A side project of ours (and a bit of a passion) is creating and developing new products for the packaging industry. As such, we have the capabilities and are working on a portfolio of fully-recyclable paper replacement alternatives for traditional multi-layer packaging applications. Eg: Sugar sachets, take away boxes etc.. Contact us for more information.


Marc Black

Managing Director

Claire Lyn Macartney

Executive Assistant

Brendon Toontas

Sales Director

Tom Van den Bon

Technical Director

Rohan Osborn

Financial Manager

Rowan Vincent

Factory Manager

Erica McDonald

Quality and Compliance Manager

Evangeline Reddy

Order Management



4 Nicholson Road, New Germany, Pinetown


0860 772 772